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Coaches Corner

This Category is intended for mentors/coaches to use as a tool they can use to assist in their task of coaching our teams


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Workshop Title: Incorporating Athletic Development into sessions

Venue: Erin’s Isle

Presented by: Paul Lyons

Date: 24/01/15


CCC 1: 4 -12 YEARS OLD


(1)   Warm Up: – What should be included:


Marching, crawling, rolling, skipping, jumping, landing, laying eggs (squat), double and single leg hopping, leap frogs, crazy snails (on bums).


Same as above with the introduction of marching (Hip to Lip), butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, pick and stick drills (how many in 30secs), stuck in the mud, bull dog, ship sea shore.


Same as above with the introduction of lunges, leap frogs with balls or hurls, hurdle relays with or without hurls (marching hip to lip and opposite arm to opposite leg, jogging with high knees, sideways).

11-12 YEAR OLD

Same as above with the introduction of crab crawls (crab football), bear crawls, downward dog, leaping opposite arm to opposite leg.


(2)   ABC’s: - What should be included:


Reaction balls both big and small, jumping over ropes or lines, jumping in and out of tyres or onto the edge, skipping ropes, rolling, sitting while passing balls both big and small by bouncing, hoola hoop games or lily pads hoping double and single leg.


Same as above with a bigger emphasis on single leg work, jumping and landing correctly single and double leg, rope balance races, hopping and bumping (20secs each leg)Try to do while holding hurls or ball.


Same as above with Hurdles, ladders or ropes practicing sideways movements, trying a basic skill while on one leg, try to pick up cones single leg, lunges while emphasising opposite hand hip to lip, knee boxing.

11-12 YEAR OLD

Same as above with the introduction of jumping while on single leg, focus on the stick and landing, shoulder challenge in pairs on single leg, bridges and rivers.


(3)   RJT’s: - What should be included:


Marching around obstacles both forward and back, sitting on ground hip to lip, toe jumps, throwing while standing, kneeling and on one leg, pass ball in pairs while kneeling (2 hands with under hand motion).


Same as above but with hip to lip sitting at speed, knee taps with balls both big and small (90 degrees), hip to lip using ladders moving left, right, forward and backwards, toe jumps with slight travel, ladder/hurdle relay games with running, jumping and hoping (can use balls and hurls), leap frog relays (can use balls and hurls) while using one hand to push off back, crazy legs in pairs trying to touch knees.


Same as above including jumping and landing from power position (squat) while also varying jumps, side shuffles from power position, hip to lip sitting but at full speed (how many in 30secs), knee taps at speed in pairs (4 taps and pass), sprints from lunge position (alternate legs), mountain climbers 30secs on/off, dodgeball, crazy legs but touching hips, sumo tackle bag work (push and pull).

11-12 YEAR OLD

Same as above with emphasis on speed while running (hip to lip and knees 90 degrees, opposite arm to opposite leg), forward, backwards, left, right and zigzag running, power position with throw pass of med ball, single leg med ball throw, single or double leg bounding using arms to power off.





CCC 2: 12-16 YEARS OLD

(1)   Warm up: - what should be included:

Dynamic Flex example (20-30M reps x2or3), do exercise out and walk back.

·        Light jog out

·        High knees

·        Heel kicks

·        Sideways

·        Backwards

·        3/5 paces forward and 2/3 backwards (focus on alternating feet on stop/start)

·        Carioca

·        Over the fence forward and back

·        Sumo Squats

·        Lunges (alternate arms, hip to lip)

·        Downward dog

·        Bear Crawls

·        Crab Crawls

·        Double leg jump and stick

·        Single leg jump and stick

·        *Can do some quick ladder work if needs be.*


(2)   Running: - what should be included (All running drills should be done at the start of training).

Maximum velocity –

·        Straight sprints up to a maximum of 50M (30sec on/off or vary depending on distance being used)

·        Pyramid sprints 50,40,30M etc.

·        Hard for 20M, easy for 10M and repeat

Acceleration –

·        Off the blocks

·        Facing opposite direction

·        On knees

·        Lying on chest

·        Lying on back




(3)   Resistance Exercises: what should be included (can be done in circuit)


·        Planks (kneeling plank if finding difficult)

·        Plank variations (side planks, arm lift, leg lift)

·        Squats

·        Assisted Jumps

·        Back to Back exercise

·        Foot fencing

·        Plank elbow tag

·        Help ups

·        Jockey backs

·        Plank hand shake

·        Stubborn rock

·        Single grasp pulling and pushing

·        Stubborn wheelbarrow

·        Toe to toe squats

·        Wheelbarrow touch