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Club Constitution & Rules

1. In these Rules:

“The G.A.A.” means the National Governing Organisation for the preservation and promotion of Gaelic Games and pastimes, known as the Gaelic Athletic Association.

“The Club” means the Club as set out in Rule 2 hereof.

“The Official Guide” means the Official Guide of the G.A.A.

“Executive Committee” means Officers and ordinary Committee Members together.

“Secretary” means the Secretary for the time being, or any person appointed to perform the duties of the Secretary of the Club.

“Real Property” means the property of the Club of an immovable nature, comprising any Playing Pitches, Grounds or Buildings, whether of Leasehold or Freehold tenure, with all Fixtures or Fittings attached thereto and used therewith.

“Personal Property” means the property of the Club of a movable nature, comprising all Playing or Sporting equipment of the Club, as well as all Stock in Trade and Money or other Assets of the Club not already classified as fixtures or fittings on “Real Property”, as heretofore defined.

Words importing the singular number only, include the plural number and vice-versa, and words importing the masculine gender only, also include the feminine and vice-versa.


Please follow this link  to View the full copy of our Club Constitution



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